We Tip

We Tip

 The Brawley Elementary School District works hard every day to ensure students achieve high academic success, and the safety and well-being of our students is a top priority. Bullying affects a student’s ability to focus on learning and to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Bullying is a concern to all of us who work with children and young adults. We are often reminded of the tragic impact bullying can have on students in our schools and around the country. We in the Brawley Elementary School District are engaged in proactive, innovative, and educationally sound strategies to prevent bullying. The following link is an excellent resource that can be used to educate, teach, and learn about ways to stop and prevent bullying:

www.wetip.com or WeTip Hot Line at 1-855-86-BULLY to report bullying incident.

All calls are anonymous, not just confidential.

The WeTip Crime Hotline has been designed for students and school staff members who know about a crime but are afraid to tell anyone. When someone calls WeTip, no one asks them who they are or where they live. The WeTip operator asks questions to find out about the crime and who committed it.

No one will ever know who made the call! Not us.. Not ever! After the call is taken, a case number is assigned to the tipster. If they have more information, they can call the WeTip Line back and give that number to add more information to their tip.